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Washing machine cleaning tips for top-load and front-load washing machines You use your washing machine to keep your clothes fresh, odour-free, and beautifully clean. But did you know that washing machine cleaning is also an important part of its upkeep?The good news is that it doesn’t take much time or involve many steps. And this once-a-month effort will prevent bad smells as well as mould, mildew, and detergent build-up, plus keep your was… Read more
Cleaning your oven can be an unpleasant task: messy, smelly, and time-consuming. The good news? Many newer gas and electric models come with a self-cleaning feature that does most of the work for you, and without the use of chemicals. But how does a self-cleaning oven work? And how does it make your surfaces sparkle — almost all by itself? First, there are two types of self-cleaning ovens, both highly effective in lifting built-up… Read more
Dishwashers are the ultimate kitchen assistants -- whether you’re cleaning up after a Thanksgiving feast or a Tuesday night dinner, these appliances help make short work of your plates, glasses and silverware. But sometimes dishwasher cycles can last longer than you’d expect. Is this normal, or a sign that something is wrong? We’ll explain why dishwashers can sometimes take a while to complete their cycles, and how to know if your applia… Read more
Regularly cleaning the inside of your dishwasher is an easy way to help prevent odors and the build-up of detergent and minerals. Whether you use a dishwasher cleaning tablet or clean your dishwasher with vinegar and baking soda, repeat the following steps every 30 days to keep your dishwasher running efficiently and your family’s dishes sparkling clean. How to clean a dishwasher with affresh®Dishwasher CleanerHow to clean a dishwa… Read more
From standard to small space, this guide can help you measure your cabinet opening, make decisions on interior layout, and ultimately find the right size dishwasher for your family. Here’s what you’ll need to consider: What size dishwasher do I need? How to find the right width How to check depth How to choose the right height Getting the right layout What you'll need: Measuring tape Opening for dishwasher This gu… Read more