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Washing machine cleaning tips for top-load and front-load washing machines You use your washing machine to keep your clothes fresh, odour-free, and beautifully clean. But did you know that washing machine cleaning is also an important part of its upkeep?The good news is that it doesn’t take much time or involve many steps. And this once-a-month effort will prevent bad smells as well as mould, mildew, and detergent build-up, plus keep your was… Read more
Cleaning your oven can be an unpleasant task: messy, smelly, and time-consuming. The good news? Many newer gas and electric models come with a self-cleaning feature that does most of the work for you, and without the use of chemicals. But how does a self-cleaning oven work? And how does it make your surfaces sparkle — almost all by itself? First, there are two types of self-cleaning ovens, both highly effective in lifting built-up… Read more
What is HE detergent and how it helps your HE washer clean more efficiently Have you ever looked at your laundry detergent and noticed a symbol with an "h" and "e" separated by a dot, sometimes within an oval swirl? That “HE” stands for High Efficiency. But what does that mean and what is HE detergent? And now you might also be asking, “Do I need HE detergent for my machine?” The answer is: Yes, most likely. If you have a newer front lo… Read more
Dishwashers are the ultimate kitchen assistants -- whether you’re cleaning up after a Thanksgiving feast or a Tuesday night dinner, these appliances help make short work of your plates, glasses and silverware. But sometimes dishwasher cycles can last longer than you’d expect. Is this normal, or a sign that something is wrong? We’ll explain why dishwashers can sometimes take a while to complete their cycles, and how to know if your applia… Read more
Is a counter-depth refrigerator right for you and your family? Learn everything you need to know about counter-depth fridges, including how to measure your kitchen for one. A counter-depth refrigerator is designed to not only offer capacity comparable to a traditional standard-depth refrigerator, but also to sit virtually flush with your kitchen counters. With a counter-depth fridge, you can create a seamless built-in look with your cabi… Read more
Should your next oven be convection? Our guide to convection vs. conventional ovens will help you decide. Are you in the market for a new oven? You’ve likely heard about convection ovens, but how are they different from the conventional ovens you’re probably most familiar with? Although convection and conventional ovens look similar on the outside, it’s easy to see the difference between the two when you look inside. Convection ove… Read more
Learn how to choose a microwave that’s the right fit for your lifestyle Are you thinking about buying a microwave? Whether you’re replacing an older model, moving to a new place or remodelling your kitchen, you’ll want to find the best microwave for your space, your family and your budget. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry – our guide can help you find a microwave that can prepare your family’s favorite foods quickly and easily.… Read more
Part of caring for your family is making sure your recipes and their cups have clean, fresh-tasting water. Most refrigerator water dispensers make it easy to access clean water that's been through a triple filtration process. The filtration process explained Refrigerator filters force water through three stages that trap dangerous contaminants, pollutants and particles found in many city water sources. Particle-Filtration Help bl… Read more
Learn the difference between freestanding and slide-in ranges and choose the right one for you If you’re moving into a new home or need to upgrade your kitchen appliances, you may find yourself looking for a new range. Freestanding ranges are found everywhere, but more and more people are either considering or opting for slide-in range options. Which appliance is right for your kitchen and your family? Learn more about slide-in ranges vs freest… Read more
Ready to find a refrigerator that fits perfectly in your kitchen? Our fridge size guide will show you how to measure for the best fit. Whirlpool is committed to helping you find a refrigerator with the right features for your family and the right fit for your kitchen. Perfect refrigerator dimensions for your home create an inviting space and leave plenty of room for the kids’ and dogs’ constant foot traffic. Follow our helpful fridge sizes gu… Read more

19th Nov 2021

3 steps to find the right washer and dryer dimensions Looking for a new washer and dryer? Follow this guide to properly measure your space and ensure you’ve got the right washer and dryer size for a perfect fit. Here's what you'll need to do: Step 1: Choose your style, setup and size Step 2: Add space for easy use Step 3: Map out a path What you'll need: Measuring tape Your intended laundry room or space T… Read more
While the way you load and unload clothes is the main difference, consider all the options to find the right washer for your family. See how top load and front load stack up when it comes to: How does it clean? Front load washer: Cleans with specialized tumbling that's designed to use less water overall. Top load washer: Fills the basket with water and cleans with an agitator or impeller (central post vs a low-profile disc)… Read more